Take the struggle out of reaching your cycling goals 

Whether it's entering your first race, getting your first win, or earning your next upgrade... 
The Couch To Crit Masterclass is a comprehensive training & racing plan to reach success.

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Race Strategy • Training • Equipment • Nutrition

Race Strategy • Training
Equipment • Nutrition

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On-Demand Modules

Learn the foundational skills and strategies to be a successful racer—including on-the-bike drills and workouts to put knowledge into practice. 

Training Plans & In-Depth Guides

Downloadable training plans and guides that'll become you go-to reference points. 50+ training plans for any skill level, equipment selection guides, race-ready checklists, and more. 

Live Q&A Sessions

Push through plateaus by having your specific questions answered in live Q&A sessions with coaches. We'll also have exclusive race footage breakdowns with course alumni.

Racing your bike without a foundation of critical skills and lessons often leads to: 

  • Training hard without seeing any meaningful improvements in fitness
  • Discouraging and inconsistent race results 
  • Wasting thousands of dollars on equipment and coaching 
  • A routine that takes all your time and energy with little to no return

The Couch To Crit Masterclass helps you reach racing success, train effectively, understand what equipment actually makes a difference, and continue to love riding your bike throughout the entire process. 

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You Deserve A Plan That Works

Most cyclists spend too much time, energy, and money bouncing between different training plans, coaches, and expensive pieces of equipment while failing to focus on what actually matters. What if it was as simple as sticking to a proven plan?  


You don’t need to break the bank to have a fast bike. Cut through the marketing hype and buy, build, or upgrade a bike that fits your budget. 

  • Equipment 101: From Frame And Wheel Selection Down To The Cables On Your Bike (And Everything In Between)
  • Unbiased Equipment And Accessory Recommendations
  • How To Get The Perfect Bike Fit At Home 
  • *Bonus* Equipment Selection Guide


Get a training plan that works—no matter how much time you have to train or your experience level. 

  • Build A Training Plan 101: Understanding Fitness And Fatigue 
  • Build A Training Plan 201: Structured Training And Periodization
  • Learn When And How To Adapt Your Training
  • *Bonus* 50+ Downloadable Pre-Built Training Plans (With Selection Guide)


Fuel yourself on the bike to achieve optimal recovery and performance. 

  • How To Fuel When You're On The Bike (Racing Or Training) 
  • Build A Pre And Post Race Nutrition Plan
  • Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of My Nutrition For Training Rides And Race Days

Race Strategy

Put everything together to win a race, get that upgrade, and reach your goals. 

  • The Keys To Racing Smarter: Cornering, Positioning, Drafting, Pace-lining,  And More
  • On-The-Bike Drills To Perfect Your Racing Skills
  • Strategize Your Ideal Race And Adapt To In-Race Situations
  • Master The Skills And Strategies To Succeed At Each Level Of Racing (Novice to Cat 1)
  • *Bonus* Race Day Preparedness Checklists (Equipment, Nutrition, Warm Up, And Cool Down)

Live Q&A's, Race Breakdowns, And More

When you join the program, you'll have access to more than just the on-demand modules. 

  • Conversation Forums In Each Lesson
  • Live Q&A Sessions 
  • Live Race Breakdowns Of Student Submitted Footage
  • Challenges, Exclusive Events, And More

Lifetime Access To All Resources!

All course materials is updated on a regular basis to stay current with research, trends, and technology. 

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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Jeff Linder. You might also know me as NorCal Cycling on YouTube. 

I'm a Category 1 cyclist and former California State Champion sharing my 15+ years of experience racing bikes and coaching others to make YOU a faster cyclist.

Whether you're preparing for your first race, training hard for your first win, or chasing down your next upgrade, it’s my goal to help you become a faster (and safer) cyclist and build community around this sport we all love.

If Other Athletes Can Do It, You Can Too.

"What I was able to accomplish in 6 months was outstanding." - Logan McPherson

As someone new to the sport, it saved me so many headaches. 

This did a great job teaching me, guiding me, and even solving problems before I knew I had them.

What I was able to accomplish in 6 months was outstanding and not something that people can accomplish by themselves—especially as a new or intermediate athlete. 

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"This took my cycling to the next level." - Mustafa Cayci

After I started racing, I quickly realized I needed structure and well thought out training.

I've always watched Jeff's YouTube videos, but his program took my cycling to the next level.

Between his structured training, equipment recommendations, and ability to help me understand my physical advantages, I was able to achieve a goal of mine—I qualified to represent my state at the national level.

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  • Access to the entire library of on-demand modules
  • Live Q&A and race breakdowns
  • 50+ pre-built training plans for any experience level
  • Equipment purchase guide
  • Race day checklists (equipment, nutrition, warm up, and more)
  • Challenges and exclusive events   

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One-Time Payment

  • Access to the entire library of on-demand modules
  • Live Q&A and race breakdowns
  • 50+ pre-built training plans for any experience level
  • Equipment purchase guide
  • Race day checklists (equipment, nutrition, warm up, and more)
  • Challenges and exclusive events 
  • 30-day money back guarantee 

We Believe Cycling Should Be Accessible To Everyone

Your investment in Couch To Crit not only fuels your own development, but also helps fund the journey of junior, collegiate, and other carefully vetted athletes.

Let's work together to make cycling more accessible and inclusive. 

If you think you may qualify for the scholarship you can apply below.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Start each race with the confidence and tactics to succeed


Break through the marketing hype and build a race bike that fits your budget


Off season, training, and race day nutrition to optimize your performance


Pre-built training plans that work—no matter your experience or schedule

Ready to make this season a success?

By following the formula in the Couch To Crit Masterclass, you’ll be on a fast track to racing success. If you want that for yourself, and if you want a straightforward and effective plan to follow, Couch To Crit is for you. 

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